Kobe Startup Visa




What is startup visa?

Kobe City is one of fewer than 10 areas in Japan where you can get a Startup Visa.We’re proud to be part of this initiative. In Kobe, if you’re an entrepreneur and you need a visa, we can help.

For startups looking to do business in Japan, overcoming the requirements of the ‘Business Manager’ visa can be a serious challenge. The Business Manager visa requires applicants to open an office in Japan and either employ 2+ people or invest 5 million JPY. This can be a deal-breaker for many entrepreneurs.

The Kobe Startup Visa allows foreign nationals seeking the residence status of “Management / Manager” to enter and stay for up to one year in preparation for starting a business. Even before you do not perfectly meet all of the requirements of “Management / Manager” visa, you can still be granted "Startup" visa by submitting "Entrepreneurship preparation activity confirmation application" to Kobe City, receiving confirmation from Kobe City that you are likely to meet the requirements within a year, and having the Immigration Bureau examine your application based on that confirmation."

startupvisaOverview of Kobe startup visa(PDF:605KB)

Self-assesment sheet - if you are eligible for Startup Visa
Self-assesment sheet(PDF:557KB)

Who's this visa for?

Non-Japanese entrepreneurs aiming to start a business in Kobe

Which sectors / startups are eligible?

1) Businesses that have introduced and used new technologies in the IT, health, medical / welfare, environmental, and logistics fields.

2) Businesses that produce high added value and innovation in existing products and services regardless of industrial field.

How to get your Startup Visa:

In order to obtain a “Start-up Visa”, Kobe City must approve your “Business Start-up Activity Plan” showing you can meet the “Business Manager” residence requirements within a year. Applicants who have received approval from Kobe City will then apply for and receive a “start-up visa” from the Immigration Bureau.

After obtaining your startup visa:

The total period of stay allowed on the startup visa is one year, but because the initial period of stay approved is 6 months, renewal is required. Using the same method described above, renewal applications must be submitted to both Kobe City and to the Immigration Bureau.

In order to check the progress of the start-up preparation activities, it is necessary to have at least one monthly interview by Kobe City. We may ask you to submit necessary documents (such as a housing lease agreement, bank account balance, etc.)

If a falsified application or other fraudulent behavior is found, this will be revoked, at which time city officials will give you guidance on leaving the country at the end of your visa term.

Application, examination, and approval by Kobe City

For the first step, please fill out the entry form and submit the completed one to KOB-STARTUP@jetro.go.jp.

Entry form(EXCEL:14KB)

After confirming the contents of the entry form, the following documents must be submitted to Kobe City. If we need to confirm the details of your application, we will conduct a face-to-face or online hearing.
Required Documents:
You may be asked to submit other documents.